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New Video: “At Last”  

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Let’s talk about that new EA episode - Gah~!

Excuse me as I re-watch the newest episode of Emma Approved, and please ignore the fangirl squeals… Sidenote, I was so excited that I misspelled Knightley in my first post. :/

Beware of spoilers:

"I’m in love with Alex Knightley." The way Emma said it so definitively literally made me fangirl. haha. And Knightly was at  door! I wonder if he heard her, or if it goes with the original plot. :)


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People who ship Kanae and Yashiro confuse me. But, like, in a good way. I think. Maybe.

This just puts ideas into my Skip Beat! fangirl mind. haha. Hadn’t thought of it before, but I think I could maybe see Kanae and Yashiro as a ship now. Barely, but maybe.

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