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The Naruto fandom is in uproar right. The ship wars are getting extra intense, especially between NS and SS shippers. I’d imagine more so with the release of the most recent chapter…but my shippers heart still belongs NejiTen. <3 Seriously, NejiTen needs happen some how…

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New Video: “At Last”  

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Let’s talk about that new EA episode - Gah~!

Excuse me as I re-watch the newest episode of Emma Approved, and please ignore the fangirl squeals… Sidenote, I was so excited that I misspelled Knightley in my first post. :/

Beware of spoilers:

"I’m in love with Alex Knightley." The way Emma said it so definitively literally made me fangirl. haha. And Knightly was at  door! I wonder if he heard her, or if it goes with the original plot. :)


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